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Wheelerman 2019 is a two day mid-Atlantic adventure wheeling event held in the mountains and scenic byways of Preston County, West Virginia. Wheelerman 2019 has two components. The first component is a modified Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally also known as a regularity rally. This is not a race. This is an event that will challenge your navigational skills and ability to maintain an average pace over an interesting preset route. The second component is vehicle orienteering where you navigate to a series locations in any order and over a route of your choosing. Each team will consist of two 4WD vehicles. Crossover SUVs are not permitted. Participants must read the FAQs and agree to terms and conditions.

Wheelerman supports the principles of Tread Lightly!

* TEAM TICKET covers one team. One team = two vehicles/up to 8 people. Ticket does not cover camping. Additional/support persons need to purchase a support pass.

* SUPPORT PERSON PASS includes access to event participation to adults (18+) who are not occupants of the team vehicles.

1. Why should I sign up for this event? A: You will have a fun time, get to use all that overland gear you’ve invested in and see some nice places.
2. What does Wheelerman 2019 consist of? A: Wheelerman 2019 consists of two components. The first component is a modified Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally also known as a regularity rally. The goal is to drive safely in accordance with local traffic laws and attempt to match the master track speed (which you will be given) as closely as possible without exceeding the speed limit or driving unsafely. The second component is vehicle orienteering where your team will rack up points by navigating to as many locations as possible in the time allotted. Not all points will be easy to get to some some are worth more than others. We’ll provide you the locations but how you navigate there is up to you. You’ll do the TSD on Day 1 and the vehicle navigation event on Day 2.
3. Is this a race? A: Absolutely not!
4. How do you determine the winner? A: The TSD winner is the team that accrues the fewest amount of points. Think of it like golf where low score wins. The vehicle navigation event winner is the team that accrues the most
points. We’ll have a winner for both the TSD and the vehicle nav plus an overall winner.
5. How does a team receive TSD points? A: Points are bad. You receive points for being too early or too late to a checkpoint. It’s better to be late to a checkpoint that early.
6. Why are you calling this a modified TSD rally? A: For several reasons:
a. We are not issuing rally books (turn by turn instructions). Feel free to make your own rally book though.
b. Our checkpoints are virtual (unmanned and not known to contestants)
c. You will be navigating via a GPS master track which you will need to load into your personal GPS or favorite navigation device.
7. How will I know what the master track speed is? 1 to 2 weeks before the event we will release a gpx track log that will contain track point timestamps. You can use this information to calculate what your average speed should be. Note: Garmin BaseCamp is the tool we are using to analyze tracks and determine checkpoint arrival times.
8. IMPORTANT: You will be scored by GPS track log file that you will turn in to the scorers at the end of the TSD component. The format is a raw, unedited gpx file of your complete track for the day. You will need to use a GPS or a SmartPhone/Tablet app that can record your track and show a time stamp for each trackpoint. We will overlay your track on the master track checkpoints to determine how early or late you were. You must be able to provide us your track electronically via Bluetooth, Wireless, USB or SD card for us to score you.
9. How is ‘Tread Lightly’ being incorporated into this course? A: Good question. The event organizers will have taken and passed the “Tread Lightly! 101” awareness course and have incorporated TL principles in this event. All participants are encouraged to take the training as well. Additionally, we are posting a list of Do’s and Don’ts that all participants must adhere to. Lastly, we’ll be looking at your tracks for evidence of blatant speeding.
10. How hard will the wheeling be? A: Harder than the Wheelerman 2018 event. You’ll be driving on sections of unmaintained county roads that require a good vehicle and decent off-roading skills. Expect mud, rocks, off-camber and stream crossings. Take a look at our YouTube and Instagram pages.
11. Can I do this in a stock 4x4? A: Yes, but it depends how you define stock. A stock Jeep Wrangler Rubicon- yes. A stock pickup truck on AT times- no, probably not.
12. Can I do this in a crossover SUV? A: No. A crossover SUV won’t able to negotiate some of the roads.
13. What are the vehicle requirements? 4WD capability. Serviceable MT tires capable of providing traction on muddy roads. Recovery gear and spare tire. Winch is not required but highly, highly recommended. If you get stuck or breakdown it’s on your team to get you unstuck or fixed. Vehicles must be street legal for WV. You will be out in the wood potentially hours from the closest house and no cell service. Plan accordingly and be self-sufficient in food, water, tools and gear.
14. What are team requirements? Two vehicles and one licensed driver per vehicle. Navigators are optional but highly recommended. We’re going to ask you to give your team a name and identify a team captain or spokesperson.
15. Can I do this event with only one vehicle? No. Two vehicles per team.
16. Can I do this with three vehicles? No. Two vehicles per team.
17. How long are the tracks? A: For Saturday plan on being out 8 to 12 hours. For Sunday plan on being out 5 to 8 hours.
18. What’s the general concept of operations for this event? A: Show up Friday night. Set up camp @ a campground in the vicinity of Kingwood, WV.  Exact camp is TBD. This is a base camp event. You have the option of leaving your camp set up while you are out for the day. Saturday morning begin the course at the time indicated for your team. Starting order for Day 1 is the order in which we received your registration. We are starting the first team around 0600 and sending teams out every 5 minutes thereafter. Complete the Day 1 master track. Check in with the scoring team. Get scored. Hang out at camp and socialize or go into town for dinner. Check the bulletin board for announcements and starting order for Day 2. For Day 2, get up and start by the time posted. Complete the Day 2 event and turn in your track and evidence. It will probably be 3/4 day track max so that we can get you scored, have an award ceremony and get you on the road home at a decent hour.
19. Is this event suitable for vehicles towing an overland-type cargo trailer? A: While it’s possible, but we recommend just leaving your trailer at basecamp.
20. Can I trailer my rig to this event? A: We’d like to have an overlanding feel to this event but we’re not going to tell you that you cannot trailer. If you insist on trailering your rig in you will be charged for your tow rig and trailer as a support vehicle/person. We recommend just finding a big store parking lot to stash your trailer and tow rig if you absolutely need to trailer in.
21. How does this event compare to say, the Red Clay Rally? Red Clay Rally is an event we highly recommend. Both events follow a modified TSD rally format. Red Clay is point to point and includes some significant wheeling obstacles. Wheelerman is meant to be a mellow event with an emphasis on superb time keeping skills. You’ll be using the same camp every night and we’re laying out a course intended to keep your rig in the same condition you started in (just dirtier). Consider this a good training event for Red Clay.
22. What more can you tell me about this event? Shoot us an email if you have any general questions that we did not answer above. Once you’ve signed up we’ll be providing regular updates and more detailed instructions.
23. I did the 2018 Wheelerman TSD event and had a great time. How is the Wheelerman 2019 different?